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dog_eat_dog_lj is an interactive Livejournal game.

**We are looking for two more players**

You have a 1 in 8 chance of winning a years worth of Livejournal paid time (No Ads for a year plus lots of other benefits).

You have a great chance of having fun and meeting new friends.

Sign up HERE or check out or profile page for more information.

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SUPERNATURAL SLASH BIG BANG is a new community dedicated to slash couplings of the TV Show SUPERNATURAL (however crossovers are allowed as long as the main character is from SUPERNATURAL that is being crossed). So, come check us out and join the fun! Signups begin on July 15th and end on September 1st!

This community was inspired by the amazing spn_j2_bigbang and others like it, so for those of you familiar with big bangs, come on in and join the fun! For those just starting, feel free to check out our FAQs and Rules.

We hope to see you soon! Write away slash fans!

-The SPN Slash Team
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Themed Days. Come Join Us !

This is a group that started with a few close friends. We found that it was a great way to catch up with one another, tell jokes, secrets, share music, basically have a way to come together and just drop your guard and express yourself.



* Music Monday, are a time when you can share a video or lyrics to your favorite music. It can be something you wrote or from any artist. Explain maybe why you like it or if it has a special meaning or memory tied to it.

* Orgasmic Tuesday, it's basically an excuse to have sex and you can share this experience, tell a sex story from your present or past, (please use only the first letter of any other person that's not you)maybe something embarrassing you experienced, any reationship issues or any questions about sex are welcomed.

* Sarcastic Wednesday, came about from seeing an ecard by hoops and yo yo. It's encouraged to be sarcastic with others and see if you can get away with it. This isn't a time to be rude to other members but rather share sarcastic jokes, icons things of that nature.

* Just Thursday, is a day you can unload anything on your mind. Whatever is going on in your life. Post pictures of a recent trip you made or of your pets. Basically share your life with the group. We're here to listen and give any advice and support if that's what you need.

* Reality Check Friday, Everyone needs a good friendly reality check. Maybe you're not doing something you should be or have put something off. Share it and we'll be the ones to give you that extra push.

* Artist Saturday, you might write stories or poems. You can share books you enjoyed and think other might benefit from reading. Or if you like to draw feel free to post your art work. Photography of any kind is welcome. If the post is very long all that I ask is that you use an LJ cut. If you post published work I ask that you credit who originally created the work.

* Secret Sunday, is a take off of Post Secret. You can write your secrets out or use a picture to write your secret on. This is a closed community so please be sensitive to others. We won't tell, your secrets are safe with us.
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